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100% Appia

21,868 ha.

Otherside is located in the north-central part of the Athabasca Basin, northern Saskatchewan. The NE tip of the property is approximately 28 km S of the village of Fond-du-Lac, 80 km WSW of the village of Stony Rapids, and 98 km ESE of the village of Uranium City. Highway 905, which services Stony Rapids, is situated 73 km E of the property. A winter road is constructed annually to provide service to Uranium City from Stony Rapids.

Planned Exploration

Spring 2017: Independent review and compilation of historic geophysical works

Summer – Fall 2017: Follow-up detailed ground TAMT and/or gravity surveys

Current Exploration

March 2016: Appia stakes 6 mineral claims (21,868 ha.) for the Otherside property

Historic Exploration

Historic exploration for uranium on the Otherside property has occurred over three separate timeframes; from 1968 to 1970, 1978 to 1980, and 2005 to 2010. 

Exploration History from 1968 to 1970

Assessment Report Year Work Summary
Canadian Propane Consolidated Ltd.
74J13-0001 1969 Ground scintillometry and structural mapping
Duncan Oils Ltd
74J14-0001 1969 Airborne magnetics and radiometrics
Ground scintillometry and outcrop mapping
Magellan Petroleum Corporation
74J13-0002 1969 Airborne magnetics and photogeology study
Canada Southern Petroleum Ltd.
74O03-0004 1969 Airborne magnetics and photogeology study


Exploration History from 1978 to 1980

Assessment Report Year Work Summary
Georgia Resources Ltd  
74J13-0007 1979 Lake sediment, soil and boulder sampling
Scintillometer and magnetometer surveys
74J13-0008 1980 Airborne radiometrics (Canadian Mining Geophysics survey)


Exploration History from 2005 to 2010

Assessment Report Year Work Summary
Strathmore Minerals Corporation
74J-0008 2005 Airborne MEGATEM and magnetics
74J13-0011 2006 to
Boulder, outcrop and soil sampling
Ground scintillometry, gravity and AMT/MT surveys
Airborne VTEM and magnetics
Fission Energy Corp.
74J13-0010 2006 to
Prospecting, outcrop/soil sampling, geological mapping
Ground AMT-MT surveys
Airborne MEGATEM and magnetics
74J13-0012 2008 Airborne Full Tensor Gradiometer (FTG) gravity
74J13-0013 2009 Airborne Z-axis Tipper Electromagnetic (ZTEM) and magnetics
74J13-0014 2010 2 DDH (DV10-001, EOH @ 1151.1 m, DV10-002, EOH @ 1236.9 m)
Reprocessing/interpretation of 2006/07 AMT-MT surveys
  • The Otherside property is situated within the Tantato Domain.  The regional magnetic features and geology of the Tantato and Lloyd Domain (south of the property, host to Fission’s 100 M lbs. U3O8 Triple R deposits and NexGen’s 200 M lbs. U3O8 Arrow deposit.) appear to be similar enough to be considered correlative below the Athabasca Basin. 
  • Basement rock types identified in the immediate project area, in geochronological order from youngest to oldest; McKenzie diabase dykes, Hudsonian granitoids, Proterozoic metasedimentary gneisses (pelitic and psammopelitic [+/- graphite]), and mafic granulite, and Archean granitic gneiss. These basement rock types are similar to those observed at Triple R and Arrow.
  • The basement rocks of the property are unconformably overlain by approximately 800 m to 1100 m thick sedimentary sequences of the Athabasca Basin.  The stratigraphy, from the unconformity up to the surface, are summarized as;
    • Manitou Falls Formation
    • Lazenby Lake Formation
    • Wolverine Point Formation
    • Locker Lake Formation
    • Otherside Formation
  • Predominant structures in the property area are characterized by NE to ENE-trending shear zones and mylonites.  A large 40 km-long structure, with at least over 100 m vertical off-set of sandstone formations, has been interpreted on the property.
Otherside Geology and EM Otherside Geology and Mag

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